For the Not for Profit

Our difference?  We bring our deep not for profit leadership, financial acumen and coaching expertise to your organization.  If you are a not for profit and wish to position your organization for greater impact and improve your grant prospects, read on...

Our full suite of services is based on industry best practices, all with the objective of enhancing your organization’s fiscal prospects and posture in the community.  

Facilitation - with our coaching skills and expertise, we facilitate your periodic leadership and board engagement sessions.

Strategic planning – we facilitate your organization’s strategic planning process, including establishing a timeline for periodic updates and mid course corrections.

Marketing – we ensure that your organization’s mission is properly articulated, that the branding is aligned and that execution tactics are identified.

Financial – we'll assist you in establishing financial objectives that align with the strategic plan and marketing initiatives; evaluate viability of current programs, identify alternative funding options and opportunities, and assess efficacy of accounting and reporting systems.

Human Resources – we can evaluate professional staff and make recommendations for reorganizing talent and reporting relationships, identify skill gaps and help reshuffle the deck if necessary.

Mergers – we'll weigh in on whether your organization should consider a merger in today’s environment, where efficiency is key and may be furthered by creating scale by merging with another agency; facilitate identification of prospects and chart the process and implementation for these types of initiatives.