As your executive coach or consultant, our goal is to develop clear, on-point strategies and well-defined implementation tactics that can be adopted within a truncated time frame.  We tap into your knowledge through our 360 degree perspective and our proven, best practice processes to discern the risk points and develop your highest value areas of opportunity.  

Accounting services are available through our affiliate, Chicoski, Skelly & Co., LLP.

We offer the following specific management consulting services:

Business Development / Growth Strategies and Tactics

Identify new markets and product offerings to attract new customers and additional revenue

Identify, evaluate and manage acquisitions, partnerships and/or joint ventures 

Strategic Business Analysis

Develop mission and vision

Provide financial assessment

Analyze financial performance, quality of reporting, profitability metrics

Generate business projections, budgets, financial controls and management reporting

Develop pricing strategies

Evaluate operations and inventory practices,

Conduct industry, customer and market research

 Marketing & Sales Assessment

 Review effectiveness of marketing infrastructure, including sales team, sales                    promotion materials, etc.

Explore electronic media for both marketing and on-line sales

Develop metrics and sales incentive compensation models

  Executive Coaching / Familial Culture Challenges

Identify shared vision

Evaluate current management team, identify gaps

Survey the company culture and employee attitudes

Design a talent management program

Develop a management succession plan

Address segregation of duties and / or corporate governance  

Balance Sheet Management

 Analyze capital structure and sources of liquidity

Assess working capital practices

Review lender relationships and areas of improvement

Develop strategies for covenant compliance and default management 

Readying Your Business for Sale

Conduct business assessment to maximize value

Articulate the value proposition and develop “sales” thesis

Assist in broker selection

Act as an in house resource for managing the sales and acquisition processes  

Ongoing Strategic Management (monthly or quarterly depending upon need)

Assist in implementation of recommendations

Measure implementation efforts with pre-defined metrics and qualitative measurements

Provide progress reports

Address mid-course corrections as necessary